Privacy Policy

Freedom Baptist Church collects personal information only when necessary for ministry, security, or operations. Any personal information that is stored is kept in secure storage, and is not shared with any third parties except as noted below.


Any information accessed by the application is used solely for application features, and is not collected or stored beyond the use of the application. No personal information is collected, stored by Freedom Baptist Church.

Push Notifications

As part of facilitating push notifications, the app collects unique identifiers from each user for the sole purpose of storing the selected notification preferences. This information is stored within the AppPresser and either Google or Apple servers (respective to the user device), and is not accessible to anyone other than the user and the aforementioned third parties. Selected preferences are visible only via an overview panel which shows the total number of subscribers, and no unique data is available or utilized outside the stated purpose.

Online Giving

All information submitted for Online Giving is submitted to a third-party site for the sole purpose of facilitating transactions. No personal information is collected, stored, or utilized by Freedom Baptist Church.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Discord store user information according to their respective policies. Information provided by users on these platforms is stored only within those platforms as allowed by those platforms. All use of information provided by users is limited to ministries within Freedom Baptist Church or the operation of the respective platforms, unless indicated otherwise in a given situation.