July Service Plan

Sunday Schedule

  • 9:15
    • Worship Service
    • All Nursuries
    • K4 – K5 Class
    • 1st – 3rd Grade Class
    • 4th – 6th Grade Class
    • Teen’s Class
    • Pastor Ray’s Class
  • 10:30
    • Worship Service
    • All Nursuries
    • Kid’s Church (K4 – K5)
    • Bill Sutton’s Class
    • Josh Boatright’s Class
    • Dale Dowden’s Class
    • Julie Dowden’s Class
    • Ken Compton’s Class


  • We will offer two, identical morning services at 9:15 and 10:30
  • Those over 60 or at high risk are encouraged to attend the 9:15 service and 10:30 Sunday School.
  • Sunday school classes will be offered at two different times to accommodate services.
  • Kid’s Church (K4 – K5) will be provided during the 10:30 service.
  • Kids in 1st – 6th grade should attend church with their families.
  • Seating will be arranged to allow for social distancing.
  • Two seats should be left between family units.
  • Bulletins will not be provided. All announcements can be found on the church website.
  • Offerings can be given in the foyer, in the finance drop box, or online.
  • A live stream will be aavailable at 10:30 on the church website for those at home.
    • We will not be holding Sunday Evening Services

      A copy of this announcement is available here.

Choir Update

To All Choir Members,

As we begin to gather again for worship, I know there are questions concerning choir. In general terms, choir practice will resume when we no longer have to “social distance.” In the meantime, lend your voices to our congregation as we continue to lift up praise to our Lord in song! Please continue to pray for each other. I miss you all and look forward to things getting back to normal.



June Nursery Schedule

Below is the nursery schedule for the month of June. You can also download the schedules for each here: Infants, Toddlers, 2s and 3s

Sun 6/7 Infant: Kim Brenner, Dorothy Crocker
Toddler: Jennifer Ladner, Anna Savage
2 & 3: Missy Subt, Karen McCall
Wed 6/10 Infant: Symantha Sass, Cheryl Hinnant
Toddler: Toni Morgan, Sandra Grady
Sun 6/14 Infant: Brandy Graham, Haley Cason
Toddler: Jill Berry, John Berry
2 & 3: Camille Ladner, Emily Kitchin
Wed 6/17 Infant: Catherine Savage, Sarah Jackson
Toddler: Anne Marie Johnson, Emily Lucas
Sun 6/21 Infant: Mary Welch, Sarah Welch
Toddler: Erin Kitchin, Gail Herring
2 & 3: Shelbi Stevenson, Joe Stevenson
Wed 6/24 Infant: Lorraine Kingsley, Julie Dowden
Toddler: Karin Savage, Hope Savage
Sun 6/05 Infant: Jennifer Boatright, Francis Mendeville
Toddler: Bev Deck, Ray Deck
2 & 3: Camille Ladner, Isabel Kitchen

Thank you for the blessing of your service!

If for any reason you are unable to serve, please contact someone to trade your service time. A list of approved names is located on the Information Desk in the church hallway.

COVID-19 Nursery Policy – 2020

In an effort to keep our children and our volunteers as safe as possible, the following Nursery Policies are
effective Sunday, June 7th, 2020. As always, we are so thankful for your willingness to serve in the nursery!

  • Volunteers need to arrive no later than 15 minutes before the start of the service.
    Sunday AM Service – 10:15
    Wednesday (Summer) – 6:45
  • If you are running late, please let someone know so that we can ensure there is coverage in the
    nursery for parents to begin dropping off their children.
  • Only parents or designated adults dropping off children, children staying in one of the nurseries, and
    nursery volunteers scheduled for that service will be allowed in the nursery area.
  • Children or volunteers with a fever will not be allowed to stay in the nursery. Infrared thermometers
    are available in the Toddler’s and 2’s & 3’s Nurseries.
  • Though not required, volunteers are welcome to wear face masks.
  • Snacks will no longer be served in any of the nurseries. Parents may send bottles or sippy cups with
    juice or water from home for their children’s use during the service.
  • All toys and high touch surfaces need to be cleaned after each service.

Check-In Procedures:

  • Please meet parents at the door to check in the child. We want to limit traffic in and out of the nursery.
  • Have parents sign in their child on the sign-in sheets.
  • For the Infant and Toddler Nursery: Hand the parent a pager and put the child’s information card and
    assigned pager number on the white board.
  • Place child’s belongings in assigned cubby.
  • If it is the first time a child has stayed in the nursery, ask the parent to fill out a Visitor Information Card
    for the child.

Check-Out Procedures:

  • Please meet the parent at the door to release the child.
  • Have the parent or designated adult sign out the child on the sign-out sheet and collect the pager. The
    child should only be released to a parent or other designated adult when they return the correct pager.
  • In order to ensure the safest environment for the children in our care, it is important that all volunteers
    follow this procedure. Please, do not release the child to anyone other than the parent or designated

You can view a PDF version of this policy here.