June Nursery Schedule

Below is the nursery schedule for the month of June. You can also download the schedules for each here: Infants, Toddlers, 2s and 3s

Sun 6/7 Infant: Kim Brenner, Dorothy Crocker
Toddler: Jennifer Ladner, Anna Savage
2 & 3: Missy Subt, Karen McCall
Wed 6/10 Infant: Symantha Sass, Cheryl Hinnant
Toddler: Toni Morgan, Sandra Grady
Sun 6/14 Infant: Brandy Graham, Haley Cason
Toddler: Jill Berry, John Berry
2 & 3: Camille Ladner, Emily Kitchin
Wed 6/17 Infant: Catherine Savage, Sarah Jackson
Toddler: Anne Marie Johnson, Emily Lucas
Sun 6/21 Infant: Mary Welch, Sarah Welch
Toddler: Erin Kitchin, Gail Herring
2 & 3: Shelbi Stevenson, Joe Stevenson
Wed 6/24 Infant: Lorraine Kingsley, Julie Dowden
Toddler: Karin Savage, Hope Savage
Sun 6/05 Infant: Jennifer Boatright, Francis Mendeville
Toddler: Bev Deck, Ray Deck
2 & 3: Camille Ladner, Isabel Kitchen

Thank you for the blessing of your service!

If for any reason you are unable to serve, please contact someone to trade your service time. A list of approved names is located on the Information Desk in the church hallway.